The Arrogance of Mankind II

The shere proposal of AI to replace human intelligence is just arrogance. All of our DNA is perfectly orchestrated to upgrade itself. It listens to the Universe for its upgrades. It turns on when the right conditions are met.

That muse that you assume is helping you with that painting, science formula, math equation. This is all the Universe directing and communicating with you at all times. If you’d just shut up and listen!

You are so much more than a stupid AI. Your intelligence can surpass it with the stupid algorithms. Your DNA, Mind and Intuition are designed to work with perfect precision with the ebbs and flows of the Universal Intelligence that is nurturing you.

In some regards this is a classroom for you to experiment and grow. In others, as you learn, your DNA will awaken to its true potential and you will get more and more strands of DNA as you progress. The galaxies and universes are like gateways. As our planet goes through these it allows those who are ready to have their DNA turned on or even upgraded. Our bodies are like a very sophisticated computer but even more than that.

Some have figured out that you are gods and goddesses. Some of you are going on with the status quo, because it seems easier. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t shitty people doing shitty things to other people. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t others on a control freak agenda.

When you start to  take back your personal power. You get rid (don’t include them in your life decisions or personal life) of the people who are always trying to sabotage you. Be they friends, family, co-workers. When you aren’t including these negative people in your life. You will find that more beautiful things happen.

These people who always must control people are really bullies that are mean in some cases. They feed off the misery of others. They are in fact parasites. The fact that they even think they have the right to bar code you and plug computers into you shows you what moraleless pieces of shit they really are.

It’s very obvious that these people don’t even have a soul. If they did they would never even think to do such things to other people.

Penny J. (MN, USA)



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